We are a professional digital media agency that believes in being recklessly creative and strategic. Our sole purpose is to make your brand’s presence felt in the big wide world of digital and the best part is, it’s all just one click away!

We will cater to your brand’s needs, but trust us when we say that we guarantee to make your brand stand out like a fire set on a hill.

No seriously! Throw anything at us, doesn’t matter the brand, whether it’s a start-up, high-street fashion, financial, lifestyle, retail, leisure or all things food related it doesn’t matter, we can take it all and we can make it better.

When it comes to the digital world, we create groundbreaking digital content that’s totally accessible to you more conveniently than you’ve ever experienced.

What we do

Startup Packages

Are you a budding entrepreneur? Are you looking to muster some momentum in the world of digital? Well, we’ve got your back. We’ll help you take the baby steps to develop your brand on the right digital platforms, find the right target audience for your brand and give you the spark that gets your brand blazing.

Celebrity Instagram Management

Being a celebrity may make it a little difficult to have your thumb constantly hovering over the Instagram icon on your phone. We can provide you the creative content to keep your followers on the grid captivated.

VVIP Linkedin Management

It’s horrible when you’re a thought leader in your industry, who can’t find the time to distribute content digitally isn’t it? Hand the reins over to us and we’ll manage your LinkedIn to perfection.


If you’re just starting up a business and looking to hit the ground running, we’ve got you covered with our fun and creative Explainer Videos. We can help you stand out above the rest and help consumers be thoroughly familiar with your brand in a matter of seconds, just tell us what you need and we can make it happen.

Brand Creation

Your brand needs to be unique and bold, and no one knows that better than us. We can help you build a brand from scratch, from logo and brochure design to building your brand's entire repertoire, we make creating your brand our business.


Every brand and individual deserves the right exposure to the right target audiences depending on who they are and what the brand entails, and it should not be limited. We can provide excellent PR services where we can create zesty PR articles for you and ensure that it gets the momentum it deserves. Whether it's offline press or online, we guarantee maximum exposure for maximum results.

Instagram Strategy

Instagram has taken the throne as the “Queen” of social media and you need to know how to approach her in order for her royal highness to get her followers to be loyal to your brand. We know her well, so just ask us.

LinkedIn Management

It’s time to up your professional game. We do that for you on any field. That includes LinkedIn. In a space that challenges your brand to take its game a notch higher to be prominent, we make sure to get your brand’s message across effectively by creating more targeted content. Keeping your profile up to date with relevant content that strikes gold and creates a dialogue, we promise to keep you on top of the game when it comes to acing the use of LinkedIn.

Event Management

Exciting concepts, immaculate attention to detail and enthralling events. Everything that lures positivity towards your brand with unforgettable events in one place. We’ll put your brand on the forefront of your customers’ hearts and minds with events that live long in the memory. Look no further than Firestarter to plan events for you that are straight fire!


A world of possibilities for you literally at our fingertips. Whether you’re looking to beautify your Instagram feed, cover a corporate event or even just a birthday party, we’ve got all your photography needs covered. We don’t just take pictures, we capture moments for you to relive. We freeze the flashes of time and make it stand still for you to look back on and relish. All of this in just a SNAP!

Influencer Marketing

If you need a name, a face or a protagonist to represent your brand or product, we can identify and find the right one that best suits what you sell.

Digital Strategy

Let us give you the perfect digital strategy that keeps your brand on top of the brand game. We ensure you avoid running the risk of losing steam in the world of digital and help you stay hot on the heels of the latest developments. Leave it up to us to evolve your brand from promising potential to actual results, with the ideal approach in the world of digital with planning and execution that sends out flares.

Social Media Management

We don’t just manage your social media; we listen, analyze and then engage. We have these three major disciplines which we will use and interpret into what the consumers want from your brand digitally.

Content Development

Nothing engages customers more than compelling and creative content. We give your brand a fiery presence with groundbreaking never before seen content that lights up your brand and sets it apart from the rest. You can count on us to provide your brand gripping content that sets your customers’ hearts on fire!


We feel that videos speak louder than words. Which is why we create videos that captivate audiences with game-changing content and provide an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression on your brand. Whether it’s animations, or a full on walk-through video, or video with a creative concept, just tell us your story, what you want and we will deliver it. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Augmented Reality

Wouldn’t it be truly “LIT” if you could add life to some stunning ideas and concepts? Well, we can do that for you and more. We can create fascinating augmented reality content that puts your brand on a class of its own. We can give you just the sort of Augmented Reality ideas and content on social media that makes your brand truly hot! So, why do things the same old way when you can do it in a more interactive and exciting way?